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About us

One of the resistance pillars of our group Nusco is Pinum Doors & Windows, a brand which is the synonym for quality when it comes to door and window manufacturing in Romania and Italy. In Romania, Pinum is continuously developing, and in nearly 30 years we have become the most important Romanian indoor door  manufacturer.



Indoor and outdoor architecture is continuously changing, be it that we refer to big cities where modernism ranks first or cities with a historic load which still keep their established architecture. Pinum Doors & Windows always welcomes these changes, offering unique design solutions, at a quality level without match.  Pinum Doors & Windows works with the best specialists in the field, placing thus the design and production process at the highest national and international standards.

What we produce

Our products approach various types of budgets, and within our manufacturing process the emphasis is on the quality of the materials used, craftsmanship, delivery time and technical details.  The brand is built around the axis doors – windows – wooden flooring – all you need to set up the house, office, commercial or residential building.

Quality, versatility, durability are key words when we talk about Pinum products, be it indoor doors, entrance doors, metallic doors, armoured doors, fire-resistant doors, PVC windows, aluminium windows and even wooden flooring.  We are dedicated to developing new product versions and designs that our clients can choose from.

Locally, we manufacture indoor and outdoor doors of pvc and aluminium. In our partner NUSCO SpA’s factory in Italy, at Nola,  we manufacture indoor doors, outdoor wooden and wooden-plated aluminium carpentry. At the same time, we have close relationships with the most important door manufacturers in Italy, Barausse and Lualdi for the indoor doors and Alias for armoured outdoor doors. We are one of the most important authorized distributors in Romania for the NINZ technical doors. We also import wooden laminated flooring from the most important manufacturers in Italy, Berti and in Germany, Haro. Still from Germany’s Haro and Rooms we bring laminated flooring.

Tradition and quality since 1992

Nusco Porte company started the collaboration with our factory in Oipera, ever since 1981. Mr. Mario Nusco, the chairman of the Nusco Group, invested important amounts of money to revamp the factory at Pipera, with a view to bringing it to the international standards of the products coming out its “gates”.

Thus, after years when the factory at Pipera exported quality doors to Western Europe, Mr Mario Nusco becomes its owner and launches the brand Pinum in 1992. Pinum Production delivers quality products in Romania and Italy, becoming one of the most important and representative names in the industry.

Starting with 2002, Pinum Production sees an accelerated continuous development, achieving in steps the full take-over of the production unit Pipera S.A., and also opening showrooms throughout the entire territory of Romania, the opening of the largest showroom in Eastern Europe, in Bucharest, as well as exports to most of the European countries.