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About us

One of the resistance pillars of our group Nusco is Pinum Doors & Windows, a brand which is the synonym for quality when it comes to door and window manufacturing in Romania and Italy. In Romania, Pinum is continuously developing, and in nearly 30 years we have become the most important Romanian indoor door manufacturer.

Indoor and outdoor architecture is continuously changing, be it that we refer to big cities where modernism ranks first or cities with a historic load which still keep their established architecture. Pinum Doors & Windows always welcomes these changes, offering unique design solutions, at a quality level without match. Pinum Doors & Windows works with the best specialists in the field, placing thus the design and production process at the highest national and international standards.

Since 1992, together with the people for the people

The high requirement for our products determined us to increase our production capacity, currently ranking among the first manufacturers in Romania.
Pinum Doors & Windows passed the test of time to the detriment of other companies from the Czech Republic, Poland or Italy, and this thing shows the high level of confidence that our clients had and still have in our products.

It is the Pinum Doors & Windows products to speak for us. Because we want people to test the quality of our products, we have available showrooms in Bucharest, as well as in other 25 localities in Romania. With the anniversary of 25 years of activity, we also inaugurated the largest showroom for doors, windows and wooden flooring in Eastern Europe.

“Made Expo” organized in Italy, at Milan, featured the brand Pinum as one of the participants, this being the first step taken along the process of going international. Pinum delivers products at the highest standards on the export markets in the Unites States, Italy, Malta, Armenia, Russia or Lebanon. With a production capacity of 100,000 indoor door per year and 30,000 windows per year, Pinum honours their engagements in due time, without any sacrifice on quality.

Pinum Door & Windows guarantees quality products and this makes us have a high level of approaching residential project developers, in Bucharest as well as in the rest of Romania.

70% of the residential projects in Bucharest, finished or with in-progress finishing are fitted with Pinum products.

This is mainly due to the fact that in time we invited numerous developers to step foot in our factory to see the manufacturing process. By means of total transparency with regard to this process, and also due to the specialized personnel involved, Pinum concluded solid partnerships with the aim to offer the highest quality standard products on the Romanian market to the beneficiaries.
But quality products are not our only competitive advantage. The clients who are residential project developers choose us because they can purchase all the necessary products from one single manufacturer – Pinum! More than this, we help the developers by supervising everything.

Development and investment in the future
Because we want to be always aligned with the international trends and go beyond the standards every year, Pinum constantly invests in state-of-the-art instrumentation. Thus, Pinum has available one machine tool for zero adhesion PVC profiles, with one four-axis CNC centre for aluminium profile processing, machine tools for polishing operations, and also an automatic line for new and innovative products.
The investment in the human resources – our most important resource – cannot go unnoticed.

The market saw a quick growth, and together with this development, there also emerged a change of perception of the clients on the products quality / price ratio. Not long ago, the people interested in purchasing a product would first see the price without taking into account the materials used for the production, the design, finishing, in one word, the quality of the product. Now, clients understand that when making a purchase, quality come first, and with this aspect the price also increases.
Because Pinum wants to offer solutions for any budget without compromising on quality, the interior design consultancy department was established. With this department we want that the clients who desire a product from our various range fully understand what they buy and they be guided towards the best solutions.

Pinum offers interior design solution for any type of project, be it that it involves the development of new residential parks at the highest standards or