Ever since 1992 we are present on the outdoor carpentry market in Romania, with products manufactured in Italy. In 2005 we started the factory in Romania, and currently, besides PVC carpentry we also started to manufacture Aluminium carpentry. We cooperate with the most important manufacturers of PVC and Aluminium profiles on the market, Gealan, Alumil and Schuco. In time we delivered outdoor carpentry for important projects in the country as well as in the United States of America.
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AWS 70.HI Schüco System

The AWS 70.HI Schuco series is a modern and performant system. The energetic requirements are well met with a large range of profiles and well-thought constructive details. The series is fit for windows opening to the inside and outside. Based on the 70-mm construction depth profile, numerous various design solutions are available.
Schuco AWS 70.HI windows with a high thermal insulation level
Uf value of 1.6  W/(m²K) for reduced widths, of only 117 mm.
Extended insulating area, with composite foam insulating bars.
Varied range of three-design lines profiles: Residential Line, Soft Line, Steel Contour
Hidden Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart ironware of up to 160 kg.
Tilt and turn handle opening solution for the heavy large sized elements.
Schüco TipTronic up to 160 kg
Resistance to breaking-in class RC 2 up to RC 3
Compatible with the Schüco ADS 70.HI/ ADS 70 HD door system.
The profiles can be painted in different colours.

ASS 70.HI Schüco System

Sliding and lift-sliding systems with high thermal insulation, perfectly waterproofed, excellent soundproof. Based on the 1-, 2- or 3- access way frame, Schüco ASS 70.HI allows for wide openings, features excellent comfort at operation, being idea as a system solution, both in the case of large constructions and high-quality standard houses. Optionally fitted with the new Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose technology, Schüco ASS 70.HI provides for easy and safe operation of the mobile sash.

Sliding and lift-sliding system with a good thermal insulation, Uw values <=1.3 W(/m2K)
The maximum sash weight is 300 kg, and for special solutions it could reach up to 400 kg.
The sash surface of maximum 9 m²: transparency and high brightness.
Large diversity of colours, possibility of having different colours on the inside and to the outside
Alternative to standard ironware: e-slide Schüco operation.
Anti-breaking-in solutions up to class RC2 in compliance with ENV 11627.
The quality components of the ironware offer comfortable operation.
Optimized drainage system provides for water tightness of up to 1.050 Pa.
New: optional Schüco SmartStop / Schüco SmartClose

FW 50+.HI Schüco System

Higher thermal insulation system for vertical curtain walls. The HI (High Insulation0 systems shall set new standards for the thermal insulation level. With its innovative insulation technology, these facade systems are compliant to the current energy saving standards, such as EnEV. The FW50+ HI system with high thermal insulation for vertical facades, offers a various range of caps for splendid design versions, to different facade versions.
Optimal thermal insulation with an innovative insulation technology.
Versatile design option with wide openings between profiles.
Numerous design versions with a large range of caps.
They can be combined with all Schüco AWS windows and Schüco ADS doors.
High sound insulation level
Easy and quick installation by means of a high pre-fabrication level.