Pinum Doors & Windows launches the new MASSIVE Door Line this month.

Pinum Doors & Windows, one of the biggest players on the local market of doors, windows and parquet, invites you to showcase in Pipera Road to present the new door line, MASSIVA.

MASSIVE DOORS have the following features:
– Can be ordered on any wall size between:
On width: between 700 and 900 mm
Height: between 2100 and 2150mm (maximum 2700mm with project verification)

– All doors are equipped with a magnetic lock that provides good reliability and an avant-garde design (standard Au and Ag finishes).
– Hidden adjustable hinged pivots are another feature of the new door.
– The door leaf panel is double-core multilayer which leads to a high stability and durability over time.
– The panel finishes are, in the case of transparent finishes, veneer of oak, and in the case of opaque finishes, the panels are varnished. Also the doors can be in opaque, extra standard, any RAL color.
– A full-panel multi-layer panel is also used for the door lock.
– The window sill is made of a multilayer plywood.
All these features give you exceptional isolation and sound comfort.

For more information, we invite you to our Bucharest Showroom, Sos. Pipera, No. 48, Sector 2.