Ever since 1992 we are present on the outdoor carpentry market in Romania, with products manufactured in Italy. In 2005 we started the factory in Romania, and currently, besides PVC carpentry we also started to manufacture Aluminium carpentry. We cooperate with the most important manufacturers of PVC and Aluminium profiles on the market, Gealan, Alumil and Schuco. In time we delivered outdoor carpentry for important projects in the country as well as in the United States of America.
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PVC S8000 profile system

Created for perfect ambient comfort. Profile S 8000 is characterized by economic efficiency and material usage optimization. These aspects of this proofing system with a depth of 74 mm – helps for an easier and more efficient processing.


Benefits of S 8000


Construction depth:

The 74-mm construction depth provides a very good thermal and sound insulation.


Main chamber:

Large size main chamber to support the steel sizeable stiffening.


Profile geometry:

Profile geometry based on rational use of materials protects the resources and thus the surrounding environment.


One single element:

One single steel stiffening element for the frame, sill and stem.


Indoor climate:

Optional, improved indoor climate and increased ambient comfort due to the GECCO patented ventilation system – for a controlled air circulation between inside and outside.


Available in numerous acrylic-colour shades and ornamental foils (wooden aspect).


Stability: large scale planning

When developing the S 8000 system, special attention was paid to the stability of the profiles. An adequate increased size was represented by the main chamber for the support of the steel stiffeners. The result is a very high rigidity to bending of the standard reinforcements, which constitutes another advantage with regard to the stability of the profile. Thus, there are no more obstacles in manufacturing large size elements, and due to this aspect, we can offer large sizes to our clients.
The maximum height of the window elements depends on the width of the window and the afferent total resulted surface. In the case of large size windows, the window elements are submitted to strong efforts.

Flexible structure with multiple chambers

-Excellent stability due to the steel stiffeners at the frame and sill level.
-very easy to clean due to the large size edge of the frame.
-Optionally, available in inlay version, with double-tilt cleats for the glass or the semi-inlay version, with round cleats for the glass.
– Excellent thermal insulation due to the six chambers at the frame and sill level
-Very easy to clean due to the large size edge of the frame
-Optionally, available in inlay version, with double-tilt cleats for the glass or the semi-inlay version, with round cleats for the glass.

Entrance door versions – S 8000 IQ

Large size steel stiffeners

To meet the necessary static requirements, GEALAN designed the spacer bars afferent to its door for dwellings within the S 8000 IQ system, such that these could support stiffening elements, as large as possible. Due to this special positioning of the spacer bars at a depth of 74 mm, a steel element with a rigidity to bending above 30% can be used. Stiffening elements – previously milled for quick fitting of the lock. Supports for thresholds, whose efficiency was proven within the other GEALAN systems, also provides in the case of the S 8000 IQ profile an optimal joining of the entrance door frame and threshold.

A varies range of accessories

To significantly improve the rigidity to twist also at the sill corners level, joining angle stiffeners, attached by welding, are available. The varied range of accessories allows to build all types of regular doors. In the door profile, any ironware elements and market available lock systems can be mounted, as well as the 46 mm panels currently available on the market. The S 8000 IQ system doors can be manufactured to open to the inside or outside. The door profiles are also available in the standard version in numerous acrylic-colour shades and ornamental foils (wooden aspect).

Threshold for entrance doors and balcony doors adequate to disabled people.

Due to its construction height of only 20 mm, the entrance or balcony door threshold S 8000 is fit to disabled people. The aluminium coverage of the threshold provides for a high resistance of the threshold, several sealing plans and a sealing block integrated at the level of the pair-piece angle for an enhanced sealing capacity.
-Excellent thermal insulation – optimal isothermal process
-The ironware elements of the balcony door, respectively of the door models with double sill are integrated on the same plane.
-All fitting versions are possible (fitting between the blind frame or as screwed-in version at indoor level).
-The threshold can be used for systems with constructive depths of 74 mm and 83 mm.
– High resistance to pouring rain due to an outer coverage plate with specific shape, as well as to multiple sealing plans.
-The threshold support coverage hides the anchorage screws at the bottom base of the joint.
S 9000 profile is a versatile one, state-of-the-art, for windows, doors and sliding doors, by selecting two- or three-level sealing.

The advantages of the S 9000 system


Adequate for triple window panes:

Adequate for fitting functional triple window panes with the maximum thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm)

Intelligent technique:

The intelligent sealing technique with up to three sealing plans.

Thermal and sound insulation:

Very good thermal and sound insulation due to the 6-chamber structure and big constructive depth of the blind frames and sills.


Optimized for the use of STV®, for dry adhesion of the window on the entire surface of the flanged margin of the sill.

Visible width:

Narrow visible width and tilt of 15° for an as pleasant as possible look.

Combinations within the S 9000 system


Windows fit for passive dwellings, available also in a coloured version.
GEALAN-FUTURA® is the combination of individual profiles within the S 9000 systems. This offers the possibility to build, using standard profiles and standard 2mm steel stiffeners and coloured window elements for passive dwellings, in compliance with the directive ift WA-15/2. The verified coefficient Uf of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms the excellent basic characteristics of thermal insulation. With GEALAN-FUTURA®, in case of using the STV® adhesion technique, maximum sill sizes of up to 2.40 m are possible.

Optimized thermal insulation

Developing a system with optimal thermal insulation properties is not accidental, but the result of several result-oriented research works. Our success confirms it. Numerous calculations showed excellent coefficients with regard to thermal insulation. From the beginning, the development objective was represented by reaching a coefficient Uf – 0,92 W/m²K for thermal insulation in the standard steel combination, compatibility with passive dwellings. This thing is possible due to all the innovative details making up the system.

The colouring process for the S 9000 system

The coloured acrylic layer is twice harder than the PVC surface of the white windows. This features high resistance to scratching and to atmospheric influences. The satin-like acrylic colour surface, smooth and non-porous is resistant to dust and dirt. It does not exfoliate, does not crack and there is no need to get concerned with any subsequent redoing the paint work. The acrylic colour windows need almost no maintenance works and they are especially easily to maintain.

Entrance door versions– S9000

Thanks to the 82.5 mm depth and to the modern 5-chamber technology, the new entrance door design S 9000 features an excellent thermal insulation. The stability of the new entrance door is also impressive. This is achieved by an extended stiffening chamber, steel stiffening elements with adapted shape and adequate stiffeners at corner level which also contribute to the fixed joints at the floor threshold level be means of attaching the PVC and aluminium element on two plans.

at the same time, the entrance door S 9000 is distinguished by the system solution regarding the lorymer which highlights the elements of the door, not only from the looks point of view. It provides for optimal protection against pouring rain and maximum tightness due to the multi-layer brush-type lining in the threshold area.

-excellent thermal insulation due to the modern 5-chamber technology
-varied colour range
-optimal protection against pouring rain
-fit for glass and panel thickness of up to 52 mm (with STV® up to 54 mm)
-Very good stability due to the extended stiffening chamber and adequate stiffeners at corner level.

S9000 Clasic

With the classical version of the door, you can bring a personal touch to your home. The shape and colour combination knows no limits. Create your own door design according to your preferences.

S9000 Design

The flat look of the sill in this version offers aesthetic value without waving the necessary characteristics with regard to security and thermal insulation. Thus, it offers more options regarding the looks, making it also easy to maintain the door due to missing the threshold.

Lift-sliding door S 9000

Due to our technique, the large size door elements can be easily moved. It does not matter if the door is open or closed. In any way, a lot of light enters the room. And the threshold which is almost at the floor level softens the difference between the inside and outside.
When it comes to lift-sliding elements, do you focus especially on an extended glass surface and better brightness? In this case, GEALAN has prepared a truly special design solution for you. This features a design-oriented special solution with a height reduced by more than 50% by comparison to the normal sill of the normal lift–slider.


Top coefficients:

Even in the basic version with standard stiffening elements and without supplementary measures, the new lift-sliding door features a very good coefficient with regard to thermal insulation, UF 1.3 W/((m²·K).



Due to the optimal coefficients in the field of thermal insulation already available in the standard version, to easy processing and to innovative technical solution, we achieve a high-performance level.

Triple windows:

Triple windows in thickness of up to 52 mm (STV® 54 mm) can be used without any problems in the system.

Acrylic colour surface:

The acrylic colour lift-sliding doors are distinguished by the durable quality of their surfaces. These offer a varied range of options for new constructions and refurbishing works.


It enjoys a modern design, narrow sill and innovative profile for a more extended glass surface.

Varied array:

The lift-sliding doors feature a varied array due to the different design possibilities, different types of openings and multiple surface colour versions.

S9000 Clasic

Symmetrical aspect: Even in the standard execution version, the 100 mm visible width of the sill is very narrow.

S9000 Design

Extended glass surface in fixed sill. In the case of this special version, the regular sill is replaced in the fix panel by a profile of the visibly narrow glazing. This stage reduces the visible width of the fix component with more than 50%, and the thermal insulation conditions remain unchanged.